This service might be interesting for you if you are a holder of Class Rating Examiner certificate about to expire and you wish to revalidate your CRE further.

 ⚠️ Class Rating Examiner Renewal ✈️

If you have not been able to revalidate your CRE within the validity period to get back your privileges you will have to undergone the Class Rating Examiner renewal process. Should you are a holder of multiple examiner certificates, you will have to renew them all - one by one separately.

Your previous CRE privileges should be renewed as well. However your authority might require you to undergone additional training as followss:

For extension of an CRE certificate to further classess, further practical training on the new class may be required, consisting of the conduct of at least one test or check profile in the role of examiner, including briefing, conduct of the skill test and proficiency check, assessment of the applicant to whom the test or check is given, debriefing and recording or documentation under the supervision of an Senior examiner. A further examiner check on the new type may be required, which may be supervised by an inspector of the competent authority or a suitably authorised senior examiner.

CRE renewal requirements

In acordance with FCL.1025(c) if the Class Rating Examiner certificate has expired, before resuming the exercise of the CRE privileges, the applicants shall comply with the requirements in point FCL.1025(b)(2) and point FCL.1020 in the period of 12 months immediately preceding the application for the renewal.

It means an applicant for renewal of Class Rating Examiner shall:

  • have completed an examiner refresher course;
  • demonstrate their competence in the Class Rating Examiner role conduct of the skill test or proficiency check, and assessment of the person to whom the test, check or assessment is given, debriefing and recording documentation.

New Validity of CRE

Once renewed, your Class Rating Examiner certificate will be valid for next 36 months (3 years).