This service might be interesting for an private individual seeking for the EASA Senior examiner for initial TRE assessment of competence for Type Rating Examiner on Cessna 525 series.

 ⚠️ Who is TRE Cessna 525 ✈️

Type Rating Examiner for Cessna 525 or TRE C525 or simply TRE(525) is a certificate authorizes the holder to provide skill tests and proficiency check on specific variants of Cessna 525 Citation type. Advanced privileges of TRE 525 are also to provide assessments of competence towards TRI C525 and SFI C525. Your TRE C525 will also automatically cover also the privileges of SFE C525. However due to the kind of operation, most of the instructors on C525 are holding TRI and in most cases the TRI is unrestricted. Due to this fact majority of candidates for examiner on C525 are applying for TRE certificate.

Before obtaining the Type Rating Examiner Certificate on Cessna 525 future examiner has to attend certain training driven by flight school or directly by competent authority.  It is important to mention that TRE C525 does not allow holder to provide ATPL(A) skill tests.

Once obtained, you will be allowed to let the pilots fly on beautiful Cessna 525 Citation series. This will also include top-end variants such as Cessna CJ4, Cessna M2, Cessna CJ3+. Isn't that awesome? ❤️

Cessna C525 TRE ✅ assessment of competence

TRE Assessment of Competence - is a checkride with Senior Examiner Senior TRE C525 required to attend to gain the TRE C525 certificate. As required by FCL.1020 applicants for an Type Rating Examiner certificate shall demonstrate their competence to an inspector from the competent authority or a senior examiner specifically authorised to do so by the competent authority responsible for the Type Rating Examiner certificate through the conduct of a skill test or proficiency check in the Type Rating Examiner role for Cessna 525 type rating, including:

  • briefing,
  • conduct of the typerating skill test or proficiency check
  • assessment of the person to whom checkride is given,
  • debriefing and recording documentation.

Requirements ✅ for TRE C525

Iaw FCL.1010.TRE, an applicant for an TRE C525 is considered to be holder of Type Rating Examiner certificate for single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes.

He has to be holder of

  • a commercial pilot license CPL(A) or airline transport pilot license - ATPL(A) and
  • Type Rating Instructor - TRI C525 certificate

An applicant for TRE C525 shall have completed 500 hours of flight time as a pilot of single-pilot aeroplanes, of which at least 200 hours shall be as PIC.

For the initial issue of an TRE certificate, have completed at least 50 hours of flight instruction as a TRI, FI or SFI in the Cessna 525 aircraft or an FSTD representing Cessna 525 type.

C525 Examiner training

The examiner training is called Examiner standardization and required by FCL.1015. An applicant for an Type Rating Examiner certificate shall undertake Type Rating Examiner standardisation course. The standardisation course consists of theoretical and practical instruction and usually includes following:

  • the conduct of 2 skill tests or proficiency checks for the Cessna 525 type rating;
  • instruction on the applicable requirements in this part and the applicable air operations requirements, the conduct of skill tests or proficiency checks and their documentation and reporting;
  • a briefing on the national administrative procedures, requirements for protection of personal data, liability, accident insurance and fees.
  • a briefing on the need to review and apply the items when conducting skill tests or proficiency checks  of an applicant for which the competent authority is not the same that issued the Type Rating Examiner certificate; and
  • an instruction on how to get access to these national procedures and requirements of other competent authorities when needed.

The competent authority may provide the Type Rating Examiner course itself or through an arrangement with an ATO.

The course should last for the Type Rating Examiner, at least 3 days, divided into:

  • theoretical training (1 day) and
  • practical training in an FFS conducting real or role-played proficiency checks, skill tests or assessments of competence (at least 2 days).

The competent authority or ATO should determine any further training required before presenting the candidate for the examiner assessment of competence with Senior Examiner.

Since the examiner privileges are to include the conduct of proficiency checks for the revalidation or renewal of an instrument rating, practical instruction should include the conduct of at least four instrument check profiles in the role of examiner. This training is conducted in the aircraft if approval for testing or checking in the aircraft is required. If examiner privileges in both FSTD and aircraft are required, at least one of the instrument check profiles should be conducted in an FSTD. The training includes:

  • briefing,
  • conduct of the skill test and proficiency check, assessment of the applicant to whom the test or check is given,
  • debriefing and recording or documentation under the supervision of an examiner of the appropriate category on the applicable type.

Extension of Examiner privileges ✅

For extension of an examiner certificate to further types (as required for TRE), further practical training on the new type may be required, consisting of the conduct of at least one test or check profile in the role of examiner on the new type, including briefing, conduct of the skill test and proficiency check, assessment of the applicant to whom the test or check is given, debriefing and recording or documentation under the supervision of an examiner of the appropriate category on the applicable type. A further examiner check on the new type may be required, which may be supervised by an inspector of the competent authority or a suitably authorised senior examiner.

Privileges of TRE Cessna 525 ✈️

In accordance with FCL.1005.TRE - the privileges of Type Rating Examiner TRE C525 are to conduct:

  • skill tests for the initial issue of Cessna 525 typerating;
  • proficiency checks for revalidation or renewal of Cessna 525 typerating including type-related Instrument rating;
  • assessments of competence for the issue, revalidation or renewal of a TRI C525 or SFI C525, provided that they have completed at least 3 years as a TRE (any type) and have undergone specific training for the assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.1015 (b).

Validity of TRE Cessna 525

In. accordance with FCL.1025(a), Type Rating Examiner certificate is valid for 3 years. Examiner's certificate can be revalidated within 12 months immediately preceding the expiry date. If you are a holder of more than one category of examiner - e.g. you are holder of TRE Cessna 525 and TRE Boeing 737 300-900 with FE(A), all examiner privileges may be revalidated if you comply with the requirements laid down in points FCL.1020(b)(1) and FCL.1020(b)(2) and point FCL.1020 for one of the categories of examiner certificates held.

TRE Cessna 525