Add another class to your CRE

CRE class extension is checkride for extending the Class Rating Examiner privileges for another class. It applies once you are already a CRE holder and you want to extend the scope of your CRE certification to another class.

For example you are holder of CRE SEP(Land) and you would like to add MEP(land) to your CRE privileges. Regulatory background is in AMC1 FCL.1015(d)(7) as follows:

For extension of an examiner certificate to further types, further practical training on the new type may be required, consisting of the conduct of at least one test or check profile in the role of examiner on the new type, including briefing, conduct of the skill test and proficiency check, assessment of the applicant to whom the test or check is given, debriefing and recording or documentation under the supervision of an examiner of the appropriate category on the applicable type. A further examiner check on the new type may be required, which may be supervised by an inspector of the competent authority or a suitably authorised senior examiner.