Duration of checkride varies with exam type

The GM1 FCL.1015 explains recommended times for the exams. It also provides general time schedule for both:

  • exam itself
  • exam flight or session (flight time)

Examiner checkride ✈️ schedule

An examiner should plan the checkride session including preflight briefing and preparation, conduct of the test, check or assessment of competence, de-briefing, evaluation of the applicant and documentation at least:

  • 2 hours for a LAPL, SPL or BPL skill test
  • 3 hours for a PPL, CPL, instrument rating or class rating skill test or proficiency check
  • 4 hours for instructor certificates, MPL, ATPL or multi-pilot type rating skill test or proficiency check,

Exam flight time schedule ✅

For the conduct of the skill test or proficiency check or assessment of competence, without additional activities the following values may be used as guidance:

  • 45 minutes for single pilot class ratings VFR only;
  • 60 minutes for extension of BPL commercial privileges;
  • 90 minutes for LAPL(A) or (H), PPL(A) or (H), and CPL(A) or (H), including the navigation section;
  • 60 minutes for PPL(As) and CPL(As);
  • 60 minutes for IR, EIR, instructor certificates, and single pilot type or class ratings; and
  • 120 minutes for MPL, ATPL, and MP type ratings.