Senior flight examiner ✈️

EASA Senior flight examiner is a pilot, a flight instructor, and a flight examiner, who holds EASA Senior examiner authorization. EASA Senior flight examiner certificate is issued by competent EASA member states authorities pursuant to Part FCL of Regulation No 1178/2011, subpart K, FCL.1020 a FCL.1025.

In accordance with AMC2 FCL.1020 and AMC2 FCL.1025, senior flight examiner is authorized to administer examiner assessment of competence on behalf of the respective national aviation authority. The examiner assessment of competence can be provided for obtaining, revalidating, or renewal of examiner certificate.

EASA Senior flight examiner should:

  • be a holder of flight examiner certificate
  • have valid experience accepted by the respective aviation authority
  • administer a minimal number of flight exams and checkrides prescribed by the authority

Qualification of Senior examiner

The competent authority may conduct a pre-assessment of the applicant or candidate carrying out a skill test and proficiency check under supervision of an inspector of the competent authority.

Applicants should be required to attend a senior examiner briefing, course or seminar arranged by the competent authority. Content and duration will be determined by the competent authority and should include:

  • pre-course self-study;
  • legislation;
  • the role of the senior examiner;
  • an examiner assessment;
  • national administrative requirements.

The validity of the senior examiner authorisation should not exceed the validity of the examiners certificate, and in any case should not exceed 3 years. The authorisation may be revalidated in accordance with procedures established by the competent authority.