Aviation English assessments

Aviation English exam is provided in cooperation with our partner language assessment body - Aero Language. The Aviation English Exam can therefore become a part of any other flight exam or your examiner assessment of competence with senior examiner, which you want to take.

Aviation English Exam can either be provided by a flight examiner authorized to administer the ICAO Exams, or by any other approved language proficiency examiner.

The Aviation English assessment can be performed only by the authoritzed language assessment body. Thus the language proficiency examiner has to submit the results of the Aviation English assessment to the Aero Language for the final rating. Aero Language as the language assessment body will issue the final level and result of the Aviation English assessment.

Apart from the ICAO English Exam, Aero Language also provides VFR and IFR Aviation English Exams.

ICAO English - letecká angličina, letecká škola, letecký výcvik