EASA TRE and SFE Examiners ✅ 

 The privileges of Type Rating Examiners and Simulator Flight Examiners are limited to the specific type of an aircraft or the simulator represents that type. During JAR-FCL1 times all the Examiners for high performance, single pilot business jets and turboprops were holders of so-called Class Rating Examiner certificate. As an example, all the examiners on Cessna 525, Beechcraft 200Cessna 510 and similar were holders of CRE. However with introduction of Part FCL, also these examiners became TREs and SFEs.

So if you wish to provide skill testsproficiency checks or instructor assessments of competence for any type of an aeroplane listed in EASA typeratings endorsement list, you have to be holder of either TRE or SFE for that typerating.

Part FCL specifies further requirements for TRE or SFE for so-called single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes (such as Cessna 525) and TRE or SFE for multi-pilot aeroplanes such as Bombardier CRJ series or Boeing 737

 EASA TRE and SFE training