EASA Senior Examiner

As a Senior Examiner we are providing complete set of assessments of competence for EASA examiners. We are delighted to comply with your requests to cover all assessments for examiner certificates from "small aviation" - or let's say general aviation for following certificates:

  • Flight Examiner - FE(A) for LAPL, PPL, CPL
  • Instrument Rating Examiner - IRE(A)
  • Flight Instrument Examiner - FIE(A) for FI, CRI - MEP/SEP/TMG, IRI, FI extensions
  • Class Rating Examiner - CRE MEP/SEP/TMG

In addition to the general aviation, we are also covering type-related assessments for TRE and SFE as follows:

  • Type Examiner - SFE and TRE - Cessna 525 (all variants)
  • Type Examiner - SFE and TRE - Bombardier CL65 - CRJ series
  • Type Examiner - SFE and TRE - Boeing 737 family