EASA Flight examiner revalidation

Part 1178/2011 FCL does not prescribe any flight training for flight examiner FE(A) certificate revalidation. Part FCL, however, requires that a flight school - ATO provides a examiner refresh seminar, also called examiner standardization course.

Flight examiner FE(A) revalidation

To revalidate flight examiner - FE(A) certificate, it is necessary to meet Part FCL, paragraph FCL.1025. Pursuant to FCL.1025(a), the standard length of flight examiner - FE(A) certificate validity is 3 years.

Pursuant to FCL.1025(b), flight examiner - FE(A) certificate validity will be revalidated for another period - another 3 years if a flight examiner - FE(A):

To revalidate the flight examiner - FE(A) certificate, it is necessary that the flight examiner - FE(A) took flight examiner assessment of competence in the last year of the validity period of the flight examiner certificate validity.

This means that one exam, either a license skill test, license proficiency check, or an assessments of competence must be provided under the supervision of an inspector of the national aviation authority or a senior examiner.

Examiner assessment of competence

If a pilot holds examiner certificate with multiple examiner roles and privileges, according to FCL.1025(b)(4), it is sufficient to undertake one examiner assessment of competence to have revalidated all examiner certificates if the national aviation authority issuing the examiner certificate - state of license issue (SOLI) gives approval for such process.

An example would be multiple roles when an examiner holds the following examiner certificate:

  • Flight examiner FE(A) for LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A)
  • Class rating examiner CRE(A) for SEP(land) and MEP(land)
  • Instrument rating examiner IRE(A)

In this case, if the flight examiner - FE(A) successfully passes the examiner assessment of competence under the senior examiner's supervision in the role of a class rating examiner CRE(A) providing a license proficiency check - LPC for single-engine piston aircraft - SEP(land) category, the examiner will also have class rating examiner CRE(A) for MEP(land), instrument rating examiner IRE(A), and Flight examiner FE(A) for light aircraft pilot license - LAPL(A), commercial pilot license - CPL(A), and private pilot license - PPL(A) privileges will be revalidated.

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OUR TIP: ICAO English Exam can be a part of practical exam - license checkride or a part of examiner assessment of competence with senior examiner.