Class rating examiner renewal

Part 1178/2011 FCL does not prescribe flight training for class rating examiner - CRE(A) certificate renewal. The class rating examiner  renewal procedure is very similar to the class rating examiner revalidation procedure.  Part FCL, however, requires that a flight school - ATO provides a examiner refresh course, also called examiner standardization course.

To renew class rating examiner - CRE(A) certificate, it is necessary to meet Part FCL, statute FCL.1025. Pursuant to FCL.1025(a), the standard length of class rating examiner - CRE(A) certificate validity is 3 years.

In other words, the process of class rating examiner - CRE(A) certificate renewal is similar to the process of class rating examiner - CRE(A) certificate revalidation. However, the renewal procedures do not require the minimum number of flight exams. Thus no minimum amount of license proficiency check is required for the renewal.

Pursuant to FCL.1025(b), class rating examiner - CRE(A) certificate validity will be renewed if, within the 12 months of competence validity renewal, the class rating examiner:

ICAO English Exam can become a part of examiner assessment of competence. We offer this option with our partner company Aero Language.

The certificates issued by Aero Language are in accordance with both ICAO and EASA requirements. Most ICAO and EASA member states accept Aero Language's ICAO English certificates without restrictions.


OUR TIP: ICAO English Exam can be a part of practical flight exam or a part of examiner assessment of competence.