Instrument rating examiner - IRE(A)

Flight training in order to obtain instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) certificate must be provided by a EASA flight school - ATO in accordance with an approved examiner training syllabi. Instrument rating examiner training generally consists of theoretical knowledge instruction - groundschool as well as practical part. Flight training in order to obtain instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) certificate is commonly called as examiner standardization course.

Instrument rating examiner IRE(A) requirements

An instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) candidate must meet requirements outlined in Regulation No 1178/2011, Part FCL - FCL.1010 and AMC1 FCL.1010.

Instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) training

Instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) applicant must undertake an instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) standardization course in accordance with FCL.1015. The examiner standardization training course can be provided either by a competent national aviation authority or by an EASA flight school - ATO.

The Instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) standardization course consists of theoretical knowledge instruction as well as practical flight training.

Instrument rating examiner IRE(A) must not administer license skill tests – LST or license proficiency checks – LPC) in case their country of issuance - state of license issue (SOLI) differs from the applicant's country of issuance - state of license issue - SOLI, unless the instrument rating examiner IRE(A) is familiar with up to date information concerning state-level procedures of the applicant's state of license issue - SOLI.

Instrument rating examiner – IRE(A) assessment of competence

After finishing the training, the IRE(A) applicant has to pass the examiner assessments of competence in order to obtain the instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) certificate.

Pursuant to FCL.1020, the instrument rating examiner IRE(A) candidate must demonstrate his proficiency, competences and skills to an national aviation authority - NAA inspector or a senior examiner, who is authorized to administer the examiner assessment of competence by a respective national aviation authority to provide license skill test - LST or license proficiency check - LPC.

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