Language proficiency examiner training

Language proficiency examiner is a specialist who is appointed by both the Aero Language and the National aviation authority to conduct the ICAO English and specific language proficiency exams. A qualified language proficiency examiner has to attend the approved examiner training provided by the Aero Lanuage and by the senior examiner. Aero Language is approved to perform the initial examiner training and recurrent examiner training for language proficiency examiner - LPE qualification.

Aero Language provides language proficiency examiner qualification training courses and on-job language proficiency examiner training. The training is under the authority of Aero Language and consists of a number of thematic core competencies and skills.

The length and scope of the language proficiency examiner seminar depends on your previous experience with:

  • teaching English
  • teaching group courses
  • aviation experience in general (airline, flight school,...)

During the language proficiency examiner training course, you learn to lead the aviation English and ICAO English proficiency exam.

Before obtaining the language proficiency examiner authorization, you take part at least in two ICAO English proficiency exams under the supervision of a senior examiner LPE-S.

On the successful completion of the language proficiency examiner course, you'll have the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct the ICAO English language proficiency exams yourself. You'll have taken part in the ICAO English supervised examination, and you'll become a holder of language proficiency examiner authorization.

You'll obtain the authorization to conduct the ICAO English proficiency exams yourself - without supervision by the senior examiner.

If you understand aviation communication, we will extend your your ICAO English language proficiency examiner  privileges and add a privileges to perform the aviation communication exams and aviation English. You will be able to issue pilots qualifications and certificates entitling them to use on-board aviation communication and on-board radio stations.

In case you are/were a holder of flight crew license, you get the qualification to examine aviation communication exams and aviation English along with language proficiency examiner privileges.

Aero Language offers B2B cooperation. As an independent ICAO English language proficiency examiner, you'll get an opportunity to establish your own business with your own community of professionals.

ICAO English language proficiency examiner training course is legally provided on the basis of our Language assessment body certificate.

We take care of the paperwork, you take care of your clients.


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