ICAO English Outsourcing

ICAO English is provided as outsource service of Aero Language. Airlines outsource services they can. The trend is to outsource services which are complex and require specific provision of personnel or finances.

Cooperation regarding ICAO English exam is always based on individual agreement to meet our partners' needs.

"Dry lease" ICAO English exam is suitable for flight schools, airlines, flying clubs, aero clubs or communities with a number of members of aviation personnel.

Outsource the Aviation English

Aero Language is an independent testing service provider entitled to provide language services and ICAO English exams. Aero Language provides services ranging from aviation English and aviation communication training to pilot exams such as license skill tests – LST, license proficiency checks – LPC, and assessments of competence – AOC

In case of Aero Language B2B cooperation, we prefer to train an employee of your company, community, aero club, or organization to be able to provide the ICAO English exam themselves on our behalf. The employee thus receives language proficiency examiner training and assessment backed by Aero Language and is able to act as an independent language proficiency examiner within your organization on behalf of Aero Language.

This way, you're not bound to time, date, and place that you'd have to agree on with our ICAO English language examiner. Therefore, you can have ICAO English exams anytime and anywhere.

Our language proficiency rater then assesses the exam recording compliant to our internal Aero Language processes and applicant receives their language proficiency level shortly afterwards – whether it's radio-phraseology exam, or ICAO English exam.

In case your flight school doesn't have the personnel needed for the ICAO English exam, or the radio-phraseology exam, our qualified pilots and language examiners are available and can be dedicated to your business to provide aviation English exams in accordance with the ICAO requirements on a long-term basis.

Contact us. We'll gladly provide you pricing and more information individually.

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