Professional flight training

Flight training within EASA region can be provided only by organizations holding an ATO - approved training organization certificate, or declared training organization - DTO certificate pursuant to Part ORA of Regunation No 1178/2011.

The quality and scope of the provided flight training varies depending on what flight school provides the flight training. Numerous small flying clubs and aero clubs holding the declared training organization - DTO certificates - declaring themselves as flight school. Those declared training organizations can provide flight training limited to private pilot license - PPL(A) or light aircraft pilot license - LAPL(A) and associated ratings.

On the other hand, an ATO - approved training organization can administer the full range of flight trainings for professional pilots including VFR Night, multi-engine aircraft MEP(land), instrument rating IR(A), and airline transport pilot ATPL(A) qualifications. Furthermore, it provides a guarantee of quality as ATO type flight school employs active professional pilots and airline pilots. Contact with professional pilots and their experience is a great benefit for all student pilots.

We therefore strongly encourage all future pilots - whether private pilot license or commercial pilots - to undertake their training in an ATO - type flight school ProfiPilot Academy.

Flight examiner training

Part FCL lays down regulations for flight examiner training called examiner standardization training. Most EASA member states, however, regulate flight examiner training on national level.

What flight training for flight examiner FE(A) competence is required specifically can be found on our website.

Generally speaking, however, flight examiner training consists of:

Flight training in order to obtain EASA flight examiner certificate must be provided by a EASA flight school - ATO in accordance with an approved training course. Examiner standardization training generally consists of theory as well as practical part. Flight training in order to obtain flightcertificate is usually called Examiner standardization.


OUR TIP: ICAO English Exam can be a part of practical flight exam or a part of examiner assessment of competence with senior examiner in cooperation with Aero Language.