Differences training for aircraft variants

Differences training for a different aircraft variant is required by FCL.710 Part FCL of Regulation No 1178/2011. 

To extend flight examiner, class rating examiner or type rating examiner privileges for different aircraft variant, the flight examiner has to undertake the differences training or familiarization training designed and provided by a flight school.

Aircraft variant refers to different types of aircraft within one class rating or type rating endorsment. For example, in case of single-engine aircraft - SEP(land) aircraft, one variant would be Diamond DA-20-A1 Katana, the other would be Diamond DA-40TDi Star, or Cessna C-172 Skyhawk.

In case of multi-engine piston aircraft - MEP(land) class, one variant would be Piper PA-34 Seneca, the other would be Diamond DA-42NG Twin Star.

Similarly, Cessna C525 Citation has several variants within the one type rating endorsment. Therefore, flight examiners wishing to administer flight exams for Cessna C525 Citation need to have specific differences training for the different C525 variant they will provide exams for. More details can be found on Cessna C525 Citation website.

If a flight examiner hasn't flown the aircraft variant for the last 24 months, the flight examiner must undertake further training in order to be able to provide flight exams for the aircraft variant. This, however, does not apply to single-engine aircraft - SEP(land) and touring motor-glider - TMG class ratings (single-engine aircraft).

The differences training is logged into the logbook and signed-off by instructor.

Our partner flight school ProfiPilot Academy provides tailored differences training for the following variants:

  • single-engine piston aircraft SEP(land) 
  • multi-engine piston aircraft MEP(land)
  • type rating for C525 - variants of Cessna C525 Citation family


OUR TIP: ICAO English Exam can be a part of practical flight exam or a part of examiner assessment of competence with senior examiner.