EASA Flight school

Flight school provides professional flight training. Flight examiner cooperates with several flight schools - european organizations approved to provide professional flight training.

For flight examiners, an approved flight school within EASA region can provide a so-called Examiner Standardization Course.

Flight training

A flight school authorized as an approved training organization can provide a wide range of flight training.

Most flight schools can provide only limited training for private pilot licensePPL(A) or light aircraft pilot licenseLAPL(A) applicants. However, an approved training organization can administer the full range of professional flight trainings for professional pilots including VFR Night, multi-engine piston MEP(land), instrument ratingIR(A), and airline transport pilot ATPL(A) qualifications.


OUR TIP: ICAO English Exam can be a part of practical flight exam or a part of examiner assessment of competence.